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Boone Hays Land Grant Document

Document Link: Boone Hays Land Grant Document

A settler by the name of Boone Hays of Callaway County deposited a certificate at the Register of Land Office in Lexington, Missouri, on November 1, 1848, for the purchase of the land from the United States Government where we now live. James K. Polk was the President at the time. He likely paid $1 an acre for the 80 acres per the Land Act of 1820. He and his wife, Kiturrah, worked the land for several years and later sold it to Samuel Hays, probably a son. Documents of ownership for the next 100 years ensues. This is a digital copy of the original land patent of 1848. It was found at the Website for the Bureau of Land Management.

Sanborn Neighborhood Maps

Document Links: Sanborn map 1019 & Sanborn map 1020

The Sanborn Map Company was a publisher of detailed maps of U.S. cities and towns in the 19th and 20th centuries. The maps were originally created to allow fire insurance companies to assess their total liability in urbanized areas of the United States. These maps of Oak Meyer Gardens are from 1938.

1959 Abstract of Title

Document Links: 1959 Abstract of Title

Certificate of Insurance for 64th Terrace between Cherry and Holmes as well as Meyer Blvd (south side) from Oak to Holmes, dated 1959, that includes as supporting documents a plethora of related paperwork dating from the early 19th century through the mid-20th century, such as certificates of land purchase, warranty deeds, articles of incorporation and much more.

66th Terrace Abstract of Title

Document Links: 66th Terrace Abstract of Title

Abstract of Title for 66th Terrace along with numerous historical documents tracing the early to mid-20th century ownership of the various lots.

Original Neighborhood Bylaws (1927)

Document Link: Oak Meyer Gardens Bylaws (pdf).