General Questions

What is the purpose of a home association?

At the highest level, the mission of any HOA is to improve the quality of life in the neighborhood it serves. More concretely, a HOA seeks to preserve and/or increase property values for the member homeowners.

What are the boundaries of Oak Meyer Gardens?

Oak Meyer Gardens is bound by 63rd & 69th streets to the north and south, and Holmes & Oak to the east and west. View a map here.

Home Association Dues

How much are home association dues in Oak Meyer Gardens?

Oak Meyer Gardens dues vary by property, but currently average around $50 per year, per home. To find the dues for a particular property, please contact Homes Associations of Kansas City at (913) 385-2440.

What do the dues pay for?

Oak Meyer Gardens home association maintains 61 landscaped areas located on corners and islands throughout the neighborhood. The dues also fund neighborhood social events and communication mechanisms such as our neighborhood newsletter, The Acorn.

How do I pay my dues?

Dues are mailed out to residents in October, and can be paid by mail or online. Our financial records and billing are handled by Homes Associations of Kansas City (HA-KC). HA-KC can be reached at (913) 385-2440.

Can a lien be placed on my home if I don’t pay my dues?

Yes. When you purchased your home you signed a contract committing to support the HOA by paying the annual dues (participation is a contractual obligation). Liens are placed on homes that accrue a year over year balance.

Board of Directors

Who serves on the neighborhood board of directors?

The Oak Meyer Gardens board of directors is comprised of volunteer neighborhood residents. Board members are elected by neighborhood residents, and serve one year terms. View the complete roster of current Oak Meyer Gardens board members.

When are board elections?

Elections are held at the neighborhood’s annual meeting, which is held in November.

How can I get involved with the neighborhood association or board?

We’re always looking for volunteers to take on special projects or to consider joining the board. Contact us to learn about opportunities to get involved.

Have Another Question?

Have a question that isn’t addressed here? Use our contact form to reach our board.