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New Board elected

Oak Meyer Gardens residents recently voted for new board members and the following will be the new OMG officers and directors.

  • Valerie Schroer, President
  • Stuart Wieland, Vice President
  • Cheryl Burbach, Treasurer
  • Jane McQueeny, Secretary
  • Patty Jensen, Director
  • John Kilby, Director
  • Kevin Marts, Director

And at the Annual Meeting on November 17th, residents approved amending the bylaws of the homes association.

2019 Amended OMG Bylaws

Residents interested in serving on a committee can use the Contact form on the website to state their interest

Oct. 18 & Dec. 13 are 2019 Yard Collection Days

The Oak Meyers Garden Association has worked with Compost Connection to establish Friday, October 18 and Friday, December 13 as 2019 yard waste collection dates to supplement the City of Kansas City Collection dates.

Yard waste route service will begin at 7:00 a.m on the two days and there is a limit of 20 items per day. Additional details on materials that can be picked up are available on the following flyer.

If you have any questions or need additional information, please contact a OMG Board member or Compost Connection customer service 816-761-8300.

OMG September Social

Oak Meyer Gardens has an adult social coming up on Friday, September 27. No need to have an excuse to get together, but we have a great one. Many of you know “Joe the Mailman”. He is retiring after serving a good portion of our neighborhood for 26 years. His last day to deliver mail is October 5. Joe Mereghetti and his wife, Bonnie, will be our special guests. We hope you can attend and wish him well. We do encourage those who live on the streets he serves to combine resources for nice gifts or gift cards. (Joe loves golf and Crown Royal.) I am sure he would appreciate individual cards of congratulations as well. Our September Social will be at BKS Ale at Holmes and 63rd Street. BKS Ale has expanded its space and its hours. We will be meeting for a 5:00-7:00 happy hour in their new space. The first 30 adults from OMG who attend will get a free beer.