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Winter OMG Leaf Pickup

4th & FINAL UPDATE:  The second leaf pickup is cancelled permanently due to weather. Please see the link at the bottom of this post for information on the City’s pickup in April. The next OMG leaf pickup will be in autumn of 2019. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.  

2018 marks the 2nd year Oak Meyers Gardens residents are able to participate in the HOA provided curbside leaf pickup program.

Our pilot program last year was such a success that we added a 2nd pickup in 2018.   Similar to last year and at the request of the company performing the work we are dividing the neighborhood into 3 sections*.  Based on where you live will determine your pickup date.

*Please note that if you live on 63rd Terrace to see special notes at the bottom of this post.  

Here are details on the requirements and restrictions of the leaf pickup:

  • Leaves must be out onto the street no later than 7 am of the morning of your pickup.
  • Leaves are NOT to be bagged up.  Please leave them loose.
  • The crews will pick up leaves located in the street, or on the curb within 1 foot of the curb. If on the street leaves can be from the curb out to about 2 feet from the curb. To be picked up, leaves need to be raked or blown into 1-5 piles in the street or within 1 foot of the curb to be sucked up by the vacuum truck.
  • The crews will NOT pick up any sticks, twigs, branches, etc.  This is a leaf only pickup.
  • If you live on a busier neighborhood street (Oak, Rockhill, Holmes, Meyer, or 63rd) and live on a corner, please put your leaves onto the quieter side street.  If you do not live on a corner, in front of your house is fine.  This just helps reduce traffic issues on the busier streets.
  • This is a service for all neighbors who have blown or raked out of their yards into the streets and into piles for pickup. It not intended to remove leaves that have just fallen in the streets or have ended up out there naturally. The crews will not be just sucking up all leaves along all curbs in the neighborhood.
  • *Reminder:  This is a service provided by the homes association for all homeowners and while the company providing the service will attempt to pick up all leaves possible, we cannot account for changes in weather or wind that may blow leaves back into yards or further out into street.  Or if rain comes through and leaves are wet they may not be entirely sucked up by the vacuum truck.
  • *Note: If your leaves are not picked up on your scheduled date, please email Michelle Moses at immediately and the crew will be notified to come back.
  • **If you live on 63rd Terrace, please note the following.  If you live on the NORTH side of 63rd Terrace than you are in Section 1.  If you live on the SOUTH side of the street then you are in Section 2.  With the added cars that park on the street there we are dividing that street into 2 days.  When it is your day, please have all cars removed from that side of the street.

Pickup Schedule:

Section 1 – Monday 3/4:   This is all houses north of 69th Street down to Rockhill Rd (both sides of Rockhill).  This includes houses on the East Side of Oak Street and the West side of Holmes.
Section 2 – Tuesday 3/5:  This is all houses going north from Rockhill down to, and including all houses on each side of 65th Terrace.  This is for houses on east side of Oak and West side of Holmes.
Section 3 – Wednesday 3/6:  This is all houses on both sides of 65th St going down to 63rd Street (there are no houses on 63rd Street officially and so really goes to 63rd Terrace) and includes houses on East side of Oak and West side of Holmes.
*Note:  See the city website for more details on their service and restrictions.  That site can be found here:  Kansas City, MO Leaf & Brush Pickup