Oak Meyer Gardens Homes Association

Oak Meyer Gardens is a neighborhood located in the historic Country Club District of Kansas City, Missouri. We are approximately 520 families with a wide variety of employment experience and social backgrounds who love the architecture of old, well-built homes with the advantages of city living. A stroll through Oak Meyer Gardens may present you with a passel of exuberant children on their way home from a neighborhood school, a retiree out working in his or her flower bed, or a loose chicken or lone fox walking down the sidewalk.

Our Homes Association (HOA) was established in 1927 when J.C. Nichols Investment Company turned the oversight of his development over to the homeowners.  There were many empty lots at the time, but the development continued to grow, filling in with bungalows, larger homes and duplexes of a variety of styles. Nearly every corner was graced with a pair of lovely monuments or markers. We believe the last section of the HOA was developed around 1946. Our neighborhood is delineated by 63rd Street to the north, 69th Street to the south, Oak Street to the west, and Holmes Street to the east. The HOA is a combination of two developments, Oak Meyer Gardens (north of 65th Street) and Armour Hills Gardens, occupying the remainder.

Summer in Oak Meyer Gardens

Images kindly provided by OMG residents

We are a neighborly community – knowing one another is important to us, and this is evidenced by our many block parties and other gatherings. Our restrictions and covenants are pretty much limited to footprint and setback requirements on each lot, though we are firm believers in the City Code.  Our location is convenient to many of Kansas City’s entertainment, shopping, and business hubs. This contributes to our enduring popularity.

The business of Oak Meyer Gardens is overseen by a volunteer board of residents, currently numbered at seven, in conjunction with Homes Associations of Kansas City, which provides professional bookkeeping. The board oversees active standing committees for Beautification, Finance, Communications, Nominating and Social Activities, and we are currently developing a Security Committee. The Board meets monthly and is open to the residents of Oak Meyer Gardens. Our annual dues, which are low for the area, allow us to provide such services as Dumpster Days, Leaf Pickup Days, and Christmas tree pickup, as well as sponsor an annual garage sale, summer picnic or ice cream social.

Check our website often for an update of all events and services.

Non-residents who wish to contact a member of the Board, please leave a message with Homes Associations of Kansas City at 913-385-2440.