2019 Online HOA Board Voting

Welcome to the inaugural Oak Meyer Gardens electronic voting platform.  As this method of voting is new to all of us this year, please bear with us for any small glitches you may encounter and read through all directions carefully before voting.

Thank you,

Your OMG Board of Directors


Voting Instructions:

Please enter your name, email address, phone number (optional), street address only (i.e. 633 E 63rd St), and your OMG Account Number / PIN Number.  Then please vote for the candidates below and answer a few short survey questions.

To vote, please for for the 3 named candidates to confirm them to the OMG Board for 2019, or vote for 2 candidates and write-in a 3rd candidate.

*Reminder: Only 1 vote per household

Your Oak Meyer Gardens Account number / PIN Number is the 6 digit number found at the top of your annual dues billing sent out recently by Homes Association of Kansas City.  See the sample image below showing where that number is.

Thank you for taking the time to try out our new online voting option and we hope you will still join us at the Annual meeting Sunday November 18th at Brookside Gardens.  Check out the main page of this website and our neighborhood social media pages (Facebook & Nextdoor) for more details to come on that evening.

Please Vote for 3 of the Following Board Member Nominees

If you checked a Write-In Vote, please write that in here:

Are you interested in serving on a neighborhood committee in 2019? (If yes or maybe, a member of the board will contact you)

Please Take a Minute and fill out this brief survey to let us know how your neighborhood HOA can better serve you.

What additional services would you like to see OMG provide to residents?

What do you think OMG is doing right?

Are there things the OMG HOA is doing that you don't find helpful?

Please share any ideas you have for building a strong neighborhood community within OMG.

-----End of Vote-----