Board Meeting Minutes, August 2013

Oak Meyer Gardens Neighborhood Association Board Meeting September 17, 2013

Clayton Snodgrass, Jeremy Hegle, Aaron Wright, Bill Blanck, Patty Feuerborn

1) KC Streetcar
Gunnar Hand attended the meeting to discuss the “NextRail KC” project initiated by the City of Kansas City, Missouri, in coordination with the Mid-America Regional Council (MARC) and the Kansas City Area Transportation Authority (KCATA). He answered questions about the proposed integrated street car system and encouraged members to attend a public meeting on the subject on Oct. 9. Gunnar is a member of the Next Rail KC Project Team.

2) Financial Review
Jeremy submitted the financial statements and the board members discussed.

3) The Annual Meeting Plan
Meeting is set for November 10. a. A meeting reminder will go out in the mailing of the bill for the annual homeowners association dues, along with the new OMG stickers. b. Meeting reminders will also go on the website and social media. c. Board members will finalize the program/format for the meeting in October. d. Christina has reserved the Legacy Center (lower level) at St. Peter’s. e. Clayton will consult with Roger Dade, an OMG resident who is also an attorney, about what we can do (as an association) regarding neighborhood security.

4) Island Maintenance/Shrub Planting Update
Clayton reported that the landscape company is scheduled to install the new shrubbery (boxwoods) in the next few weeks.

5) Flea Market Issue
Clayton is continuing to work with the city to get answers about the open- air market that had been going on just east of Oak on 63rd called the city (311) and officials are checking into it. . Clayton (and others) have

OMG By the Numbers: What the 2010 Census Says About Our Neighborhood

As seen in the August Acorn, here’s a look at highlights of the population of Oak Meyer Gardens neighborhood: This data is drawn from the 2010 decennial census and the American Community Survey, which is also compiled by the U S Census Bureau. The data was supplied to The Acorn by The City Planning and Development Department of Kansas City, Missouri.

Download the full neighborhood profile report here (pdf).


OMG By the Numbers

Big thanks to OMG residents Jon Goodman and Sean O’Sullivan for acquiring the report and designing this infographic for the Acorn.

Board Meeting Minutes, August 2013

Oak Meyer Gardens Neighborhood Association Board Meeting

August 20, 2013

Clayton Snodgrass, Christina Wright, Jeremy Hegle, Aaron Wright, Bill Blanck, Patty Feuerborn


  1. Financial Review—Jeremy submitted the financial statements and the board members discussed.


  1. Jeremy pointed out that the fiscal year ends September 30.  Members are considering whether to add another dumpster day for fall.


  1. Academie Lafayette Parking Sign Update—the city has installed a “no parking, 7-9 a.m. and 3-5 p.m. M-F” sign on 69th Street.  This is in effect between Cherry and Oak on the north side.


  1. The Annual Meeting Plan—meeting is set for November 10.  Christina has reserved the Legacy Center (lower level) at St. Peter’s.  It was decided on Waldo pizza again, along with other side items because the expense is significantly less than previous vendors. Board members are considering topics for the annual meeting and whether to bring in a speaker this year.  A facilitated and guided discussion of residents’ concerns may be the program.


  1. Island Maintenance/Shrub Planting Update—Clayton mentioned that the landscape company is installing the new shrubbery (boxwoods) in September.


  1. Flea Market —one business owner and residents have wondered about the open-air market that had been going on just east of Oak on 63rd.  Clayton has called the city (311) and officials are checking into it.  He will provide an update in September.


  1. Newsletter—the second issue of “The Acorn” arrived in mailboxes on August 19.  Kudos to Jon and Sean for such excellent work, and thanks to Clayton for the two ads in the Acorn purchased by business owners in the neighborhood.

Board Meeting Minutes, July 2013

Meeting Date: July 16, 2013
In attendance: Clayton Snodgrass, Christina Wright, Aaron Wright, Bill Blanck, Patty Feuerborn
1) Financial Review—Jeremy submitted the financial statements to Clayton because Jeremy was on vacation.  Clayton sent to all board members.
 2) AT&T Box, 622 E 65 box blocks his view of traffic as he is backing out of his driveway on to Holmes.  The owner has hired an attorney to represent him.  Because the box is the property of AT&T and is in the utility right-of-way, the owner and his attorney will work with the city and AT&T for resolution. Clayton mentioned that a similar situation happened in Armour Hills before the box went in. He offered to contact the city as well to see if he could get information. Board members discussed inviting John Sharp, our city councilman, to a meeting in the future.
 3) Fall Events—the annual meeting will happen on November 10.  Christina will check with St. Peter’s to reserve a meeting room.  Members discussed the possibility of another fall event at Holmes Park but have not picked a date.
 4) Newsletter Topic Review—Clayton mentioned that Jon Goodman is working on the next issue and has also sold two ads to defray costs.  Small business owners who live in or near the neighborhood bought the ads.
 5) Island Maintenance Update—Clayton mentioned that the landscape company is maintaining and watering the islands, and is installing the new shrubbery in the fall.  He mentioned that is the appropriate time for installation.

The OMG Garden Tour is Saturday June 15, 2013

The first ever OMG Garden Tour is coming up on Saturday, June 15, 2013 from 10:00a.m. – 12:00 p.m. There is no need to sign up, and this event is FREE. Just feel free to stop by during the tour times. We hope to see you there! Here is a list of what to expect:

Shawn Hire
430 E. 65th Terrace
Description: Vegetable Garden

Marlin & Erica Bates
424 E. 65th Terrace
Description: Vegetable garden that spans the width of the property, a “forest floor” around the rest of the back yard, an active compost bin, and a bat house

James Trefz & Tony Moellman
420 E. 66th Terrace
Description: Newly planted urban garden

Sarah & Clayton Snodgrass 
637 E. 66th Terrace
Description: Vegetable garden and four egg-laying chickens

2013 Summer Social is June 9

social2013The Oak Meyer Gardens 2013 Summer Social is an all-neighborhood block party that will be held on June 9th. All OMG residents are encouraged to attend. OMG will provide food, drink, and fun games for the kids. This year’s event is Sunday, June 9th from 4pm-7pm, and will be on Cherry Street between 65th Terrace and 66th Street.

This year, we’ll be serving BBQ pulled pork from The Stack restaurant located on Wornall. In addition, we’ll provide hotdogs and beverages. Residents are invited to bring a dish to share (optional): If you live in an odd-numbered house, please bring a dessert; even-numbered houses, please bring a side-dish. In addition to food and drink, OMG will provide family-friendly entertainment, including a bounce house and fairground-style games for the kids.

What: The Annual Oak Meyer Gardens Summer Social
When: Sunday, June 9th from 4pm-7pm
Where: New Location! – Cherry Street between 65th Ter and 66th St
What to bring: If you feel like bringing food to share, please do! If your house has an odd numbered address, bring a dessert. Even-numbered houses bring a side. You may also want to bring a lawn chair.

O)MG Board Meeting Minutes, April 16, 2013

Attendees – Clayton Snodgrass, Bill Blank, Christina Wright

Financial Review – There isn’t much to discuss.  The admin fee was paid (?), annual insurance for officers  and HOA ($865) is up for renewal, Clayton will sign and return ASAP.


Academy Lafayette – (This was noted in the newsletter).  Clayton, John (the newsletter editor), Jill (our AL liaison), a traffic liaison, officer, AC communications person and principal wre present at a meeting regarding traffic. The new street rules for 69th Street between Oak and Cherry will be; No Parking 7-9, 3-5 on the North side and No Parking except for busses on the South side.


Garage Sale – May 18 – Clayton will hang banners the week prior. No other preparation needed.


Dumpster Day – June 1, 9-12 –  Aaron says that the dumpsters are ordered, he has talked to the electronics people but it’s not likely that they will be there since they aren’t returning calls. Aaron will request a check from Jeremy.  Clayton and Bill will bring trucks for hazardous waste removal (that will end once the trucks are full).


Open Board Meeting Plan – May 21 – We have a reservation for the St Peters Legacy Center basement. There will be NO food but Christina and Clayton will both bring large jugs of water , Christina will bring cups, and Clayton will bring coffee and prepare an agenda for the meeting.


Summer Social –  June 9 – Christina hasn’t gotten much done at this point but is on top of it.  We will be on Cherry Street between 66th and either 65th Terrace or 65th Street (depending on what approval we can get).  We will order BBQ from The Stack and have residents bring sides, pot-luck sytle.  We are hoping that Jeremy will resume his position as game master this year. (Jeremy?)

We will attempt to procure the Google Fiber ice cream truck again this year, which Clayton thought would be likely since they are getting closer to implementation.


Island Maintenance – Lance is behind but Clayton has checked around and other landscapers are behind as well due to the weather we’ve had.  Lance plans to start replacement of the bushes in around ten days and has repaired the lion monument at 65th Terrace and Oak, the city should send a check to reimburse us for that cost.

OMG Open Board Meeting, Tuesday May 21, 2013

The Oak Meyer Gardens board meeting for May will be open to the members of the home owners association. It will be held Tuesday, May 21 in the basement of the St. Peter’s Legacy Center at 6:30p.m. Residents are invited to plan on attending. The agenda will be based on the usual elements of Association business but will also be structured to encourage participation by residents. If you are planning to attend – and have questions or concerns that you wish to have the Board respondent to, please contact President Clayton Snodgrass in advance.

N.B. This is not the annual association meeting, but is being held to inform and involve the residents. 

2013 Dumpster Day, Saturday June 1

Kansas City will make a dumpsters available for OMG on Saturday, June 1. It will be at St. Peter’s parking lot at 6400 Charlotte (accessible from Holmes, by 64th Terrace) from 9 a.m. until 12 noon and will accept waste from OMG residents only. (Please bring ID).
We are looking for volunteers to help. Please contact OMG vice president Aaron Wright at 523-6787 or
What can be placed in the dumpsters?
One dumpster will be designated to receive leaves and brush:
Leaves and brush, tree pruning, weeds and yard debris. 
These items may be placed in paper lawn refuse bags or can be loose matter. No plastic bags can be put in the leaf and brush dumpster.
Two dumpsters will be designated to receive trash:
Loose scattered materials or bags of trash. No leaves or brush can 
be put in the trash dumpster.
Household hazardous waste is not allowed in the dumpsters, but OMG dumpster masters will accept paint and drive it down to the Environmental Campus. Note – empty and/or dried paint cans are allowed in the dumpster. Just no liquid. We will accept as much as we can take down in a pickup truck load.
Examples of hazardous waste include but are not limited to:
Paint and paint products (all types), household cleaners, aerosols, pesticides, lawn and garden products, automotive fluids, used oil, fuels, car batteries, household batteries, and any household chemicals.

Board Meeting Minutes, March 2013

Oak-Meyer Gardens Board Meeting Minutes
March 19, 2013
Attending: Clayton Snodgrass, Bill Blanck, Jeremy Hegle, Aaron Wright, Patty Feuerborn and Jon Goodman
Jeremy handed out a detailed list of all expenses and income.
Clayton emailed the Kansas City traffic department. It turns out it is illegal to park on 69th Street (except 4-5 cars on the north side).
There will be a meeting of neighborhood, school, police and traffic department representatives in April.
3. NEWSLETTER – Jon Goodman
John will work with a designer, Sean O’Sullivan. Jon will enhance the calendar section and will ad a “Know Thy Neighbor” profile in each newsletter. There will also be articles on the monuments and the J.C. Nichols School. All board members are grateful to Jon for taking on the newsletter.
The next board meeting will be open to the public and will take place at St. Peter’s on May 21.
5. EVENT DATES – Christina will email dates to Jon for the newsletter
Mid-May: Dumpster Day and Garage Sale (Clayton will check on exact dates)
June 9: summer social
Meeting adjourned at 9:15.