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Vote Now for Your 2019 HOA Board

We are excited to announce the opportunity for our residents to now vote electronically for such things as board members and pressing neighborhood items.  The first vote will be for the 2019 Oak Meyer Gardens HOA Board of Directors.

Please review the Bios of the proposed new board members and then click below to go vote!

Click Here to Submit Your Electronic Ballot

Thank you for voting!

Your OMG Board


You can download a copy of the board candidate bios here


On August 19th, the Members voted unanimously to approve  a new set of Bylaws.  This is the first time the Bylaws have been updated since 1927, when Nichols Investment Company established the neighborhood. We hope that, as well as providing better guidance for the Board, these Bylaws will make it easier for all Members to participate.  Thank you to all who participated.

OMG 2018 Amended Bylaws