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Kansas City Redistricting: Proposed Boundary Through OMG

Poposed "Map 1"
Proposed "Map 5" that cuts through OMG at 66th Terrace

As you may know, Kansas City, Mo is in the process of redistricting the 6 council districts. You can read more about the process here, but basically, a committee has been appointed to draw new district boundaries based on U.S. Census figures. At this point, there are two new maps being presented, and a series of public meetings has been set up to get the public comments and feedback. In both maps, the 6th/4th district boundary, currently set at 79th street, has shifted north. One map, titled Rev Map 1, presents the new boundary at 59th street between State Line and Troost. The other map, titled Map 5, has set a more jagged boundary that cuts through 66th Terrace between State Line and Holmes. Both of these revisions would place Oak Meyer Gardens – currently in the 4th district – into the 6th district.

While I don’t have a strong opinion about which district we are placed, I do believe that Oak Meyer Gardens should be included as a whole in either one district or the other. The Map 5 proposal bisects our neighborhood down 66th Terrace, so the northern half of OMG would be placed in the 4th district, and southern half of OMG would be placed in the 6th district. I believe this could hurt our ability to organize and get the attention we deserve with the city council (although one could argue that we might get TWICE the attention since we would would be represented by twice as many council members ;)).

In response, I attended a public hearing at the Swope Park Community Center last night and voiced my opinion about the matter. In addition to my argument that cutting though our neighborhood would not be good, I also noted that in both new maps, most all boundaries are drawn on major thoroughfares. That approach generally seems to avoid the problem of cutting through neighborhoods. I proposed that this particular boundary be redrawn at either Gregory or 63rd street.

What do you think? How would the newly proposed boundaries effect Oak Meyer Gardens? Do you have a preference on placement of our neighborhood in the 4th vs 6th district? Voice your opinions in the comments of this post.


Curbside Leaf and Brush Pickup is April 28

Thursday, April 28th is the date for Spring brush and leaf pickup in our neighborhood. The city collects up to 20 sacks or bundles of leaves and brush (excluding grass clippings) from residences during this scheduled curbside collection. This is the only collection scheduled for this Spring, so please make an effort to take advantage of this city service. For more information on curbside pickup, including a list of guidelines, visit the Curbside Leaves and Brush Collection page on the city’s website.

On a related note, please help to keep our neighborhood drain basins clear of leaves and debris. It is important that our streets drain properly and efficiently.

Annual Meeting Sunday, November 21st

The Oak Meyer Gardens Annual Meeting will be held Sunday, November 21st. Please note that the location of the meeting has moved to the basement of St. Peter’s Church (6415 Holmes). The meeting will be preceded by a dinner provided by Carmen’s Café. Dinner will be served in the church basement at 5:15pm All OMG residents are encouraged to attend and participate. The meeting agenda includes a review of the budget, election of the OMG officers, and discussions with neighbors and guest speakers.

Guest speakers include Kansas City, Mo School District board vice president, Derek Richey. Mr. Richey will be speaking about recent changes in the District, as well as a movement to re-open nearby Hale Cook Elementary as a neighborhood school. Learn more about Hale Cook initiative.

Our other guest speaker will be a representative from the proposed Rockhill Greens Development. Rockhill Greens is a new development initiative committed to revitalizing the Research Medical Center  Brookside campus (formerly the Baptist-Lutheran Medical Center) into a mixed-use community including assisted living, apartments, commercial and retail uses focused on a healthy-living lifestyle. Learn more about the Rockhill Greens initiative here.

Re-opening Hale Cook Elementary as a Neighborhood School

Kansas City Missouri School District Vice President, Derek Richey, is circulating an email and community vision document in support of re-opening Hale Cook Elementary (73rd & Pennsylvania) as a neighborhood school. A copy of the email is posted below, and a draft of the Community Vision document is available here.
Please take a few minutes to read the email and vision document, and send your feedback to Derek Richey at
Also, feel free to post your thoughts in the comments section of this post.
Over the past few months I’ve been faciliating a conversation about re-opening Hale Cook Elementary School (73rd & Pennsylvania). This conversation has occurred with neighbors, with the school district and between neighbors and the school district. The crux of the conversation has been defining what it would take to reopen Hale Cook as a true neighborhood school — a vision firmly help by both the neighbors and Dr. Covington.
The answer is (a) the district supporting the community’s vision [a good draft attached] and working in partnership to achieve/maintain it and (b) ~300 elementary aged kids. I’ll collate any feedback you have on the vision; but the community needs your help on (b), spreading the word. By February 2011, we need to identify 300 children and their families to enroll in Hale Cook. This will enable the district to hire a high quality principal and teachers and to prepare the school for re-opening. The proposed enrollment boundaries are State Line to Holmes and Ward Pkwy/Brush Creek to 75th Street — basically South Plaza, Brookside and the north part of Waldo.
We’re asking you to identify your interest as a potential parent or interested community member and then forward this message to your contacts (e.g., homes associate list serv/newletter, neighbors, friends, etc.). This has been a neighborhood driven process thus far and I expect that a core group of interested, motivated parents will emerge to drive it forward. Together we can reinstate a true neighborhood school model in our own backyard.
Warmest Regards,
Derek Richey
KCMSD Board of Education, Vice President

Kansas City Leaves and Brush Collection Dates, Fall 2010

The city collects up to 20 sacks or bundles of leaves and brush (excluding grass clippings) from residences during scheduled curbside collections in the spring and fall. Homes in Oak Meyer Gardens are on the South Kansas City Schedule, and there are two scheduled pickups this fall (see chart below). Please make an effort to take advantage of this city service.

On a related note, please help to keep our neighborhood drain basins clear of leaves and debris. It is important that our streets drain properly and efficiently.

South schedule

If your trash day is your dates are:
Monday Nov.   8 and Dec. 13
Tuesday Nov.   9 and Dec. 14
Wednesday Nov. 10 and Dec. 15
Thursday Nov. 12 and Dec. 16
Friday Nov. 13 and Dec. 17