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2018 Landscaping and Monuments Update

Updates from the OMG Beautification Committee

Dear OMG residents,

The Oak Meyer Gardens Beautification Committee (OMG BC) (Geoff Hall, Sarah Snodgrass, Jill Adams, Bill Blanck, andd I) are gearing up for spring and wanted to provide you with an update on where we stand.

1. In lieu of a neighborhood-wide meeting, we would like to request comments, suggestions, ideas from the HOA regarding the gardens/monuments via email and have those responses sent to the OMG BC gmail account (

Please provide your thoughts regarding the gardens by Friday, March 23th, 2018, 11:59 PM.

2. Our first step will be to catalog each garden’s location and contents; this will be accomplished by mid-March. Although someone had done this years ago, those records/files, no longer exist. If any of you happen to have a copy of that list, please do share with the OMG BC to avoid a lot of needless work.

3. If you would like to become a member of the Committee, please indicate that via email to

4. If you live close to one of our gardens and would like to be a point person (or persons) for that garden and a liaison to the OMG BC, please contact the OMG BC via email with your name(s) and the precise location of the garden for which you are volunteering your time.

It would be IDEAL if we could find folks interested in helping out in this way! Working together will be much more effective and fun than having a handful of us on the Committee doing this alone. Rumor has it that there are 61 gardens which need our attention…take if from someone who took care of ~70 gardens herself for 2 summers, this is easily enough work for a full-time job!

5. The committee will meet by the beginning of April and strategize our approach for renovation of the gardens over the spring/summer 2018 and will provide the HOA with an update shortly thereafter.

Thank you,

Michele Pritchard

OMG Advisory Committees Forming Now!

As fellow residents and neighbors of Oak Meyer Gardens, your HOA Board of Directors is continually working on ways to improve and strengthen our neighborhood. Over the last year, many of our fellow neighbors have expressed an interest in getting more involved in our neighborhood.  As your HOA Board we have come up with various committees that will allow you to get more involved in your neighborhood.  We have opportunities and openings for anyone who is interested in helping out.  So please look through our list of committees we are forming this year and contact the board so we can make sure you’re as involved as possible. (see contact info at end of post)  

OMG Beautification Committee: This committee’s main objective is overseeing neighborhood common areas and work to improve / maintain the beauty of Oak Meyer Gardens in general.  This includes working with our landscape contractor to coordinate perennial and annual plantings.  Committee is asked to give monthly update to the board via email or presentation at board meetings.

OMG Social Committee: This committee’s objective is to encourage socializing among neighbors and enhance the already strong community feel of Oak Meyer Gardens.  This committee will plan and execute OMG summer social and dumpster day, along with creating more regular social events for neighborhood.  The committee will also act as welcoming committee to new neighbors and new homeowners in OMG.

OMG Digital Connections Committee: This committee will oversee the Oak Meyer Gardens website and social media platforms as well as a revival of OMG Acorn newsletter. Committee members will work in conjunction with the social committee to promote and spread word to our neighbors regarding events and ongoings in OMG.

OMG Branding & Design Committee: The branding committee will work on updating and strengthening the OMG brand along with creating materials to promote and advertise neighborhood events.  This can include work on the OMG logo as well as signage and banners for events such as dumpster day, summer social, neighborhood garage sale, etc.  This committee will work in conjunction with the digital connections committee to layout and publish the OMG Acorn.  

Block Captain Committee: This committee will oversee an establishment of our neighborhood block captain program. This program will have the following objectives:  

  • Improving communication throughout neighborhood
  • Help with rapid dissemination of important information
  • Keep database of contact info
  • Make blocks more close-knit
  • Welcome new neighbors

Block Captain Program Positions

  • Neighborhood Program Leader
    • Coordinates all block program initiatives
    • Attends Monthly meeting with KCPD
  • Individual block captains
    • Maintain contact info for their block
    • Welcome New Neighbors
    • Keeps contact with Program Leader


Getting Involved:

If you are interested in getting connected or involved with a committee, please email HOA President Jerry Rowan (  If you are interested in getting involved, but have questions or want to know more about a committee or other ways to get involved, please don’t hesitate to contact Jerry as well with those questions.

Oak Meyer Gardens Residents Vote to Increase Annual Dues

Residents gathered last night to review and vote on a proposal to increase annual dues by $20 per household. The proposal passed by majority vote. The increase will be reflected on the dues invoices that will be mailed to residents in October under the “other services” designation. The increase will raise annual operating revenue by about $10,000 per year. The new revenue will be applied mainly to landscaping enhancements, but will also be used to fund deferred infrastructure maintenance projects, social functions, and possibly a limited street snow removal service. A comprehensive review of the budget will be conducted at the Oak Meyer Gardens annual meeting, which will be held in November (exact date tba).

Dues Increase Proposal and Resident Vote

In order to maintain our current level of service, the association board is proposing an increase to the annual dues. The increase would raise the services assessment by $20 per household, annually. For at least the past decade, our annual dues have remained unchanged, while prices for services have increased. The increase we’re seeking would allow the association to cover the current services budget while maintaining an adequate reserve fund. Additionally, we may be able to enhance current services and/or consider new services. The proposal would raise annual dues in Oak Meyer Gardens from an average of $46 per household to an average of $66 per household.

On Tuesday, September 16th, the Oak Meyer Gardens board will hold an open meeting to present a dues increase proposal to residents. Following the presentation, residents in attendance will be asked to vote on the proposal. Residents must be present to vote, and one vote will be counted per household represented. The meeting will be held at 7pm in the St. Peter’s Legacy Center, located at 815 E. Meyer Blvd.

Dues Increase Proposal and Resident Vote
Tuesday, September 16th at 7:00pm
St. Peter’s Legacy Center, 815 E Meyer Blvd

Download the notification letter that was mailed to Oak Meyer Gardens property owners:
Oak Meyer Gardens Dues Increase Letter

OMG By the Numbers: What the 2010 Census Says About Our Neighborhood

As seen in the August Acorn, here’s a look at highlights of the population of Oak Meyer Gardens neighborhood: This data is drawn from the 2010 decennial census and the American Community Survey, which is also compiled by the U S Census Bureau. The data was supplied to The Acorn by The City Planning and Development Department of Kansas City, Missouri.

Download the full neighborhood profile report here (pdf).


OMG By the Numbers

Big thanks to OMG residents Jon Goodman and Sean O’Sullivan for acquiring the report and designing this infographic for the Acorn.

Google Fiber Is On the Way to Oak Meyer Gardens

Less than 24 hours after Google officially announced the rollout plan for their Google Fiber product, Oak Meyer Gardens residents have submitted enough pre-registrations to guarantee that fiber will be installed in the neighborhood. Details about the Google Fiber product, which touts internet speeds up to 100 times faster than broadband, are available on the Google Fiber website. The service also offers hdtv service with over 150 channels.

Google says they will be installing the service on a neighborhood by neighborhood basis, and neighborhoods with the most pre-registrations will be at the front of the line. Although Oak Meyer Gardens has already reached the minimum number of pre-registrations to guarantee installation, the more OMG residents who sign up, the sooner the service will be installed. To pre-register, and to see where OMG ranks among other neighborhoods in KC, visit the Google Fiber website.

Neighborhood Meeting Regarding Academie Lafayette Building Expansion

Our neighbors to the south, the Academie Lafayette school located at 69th and Oak, are in the preliminary stages of planning a building expansion. For those of you with questions or concerns about the planned building expansion, a meeting has been arranged beteween neighbors of the school, the school’s project manager, and the contracted architect. The meeting is 6pm Thursday, June 21st at Academie Lafayette. We will gather at the picnic tables outside on the east side of the school under the white canopies. Neighbors located on the south side of the school will also be invited. You are invited to attend to learn more about the project, and to voice any questions or concerns. Please help spread the word to neighbors who may not see this post.

Call for Volunteers – Neighborhood Tree Planting Saturday April 7th

Thanks to the hard work of resident Jim Roddy, Oak Meyer Gardens is the beneficiary of a program that will provide nearly 50 new trees to our neighborhood. We are tentatively set to plant trees along streets and sidewalks in and around Oak Meyer Gardens on Saturday, April 7, from 9:00 a.m. to noon.

Call for Volunteers
We need volunteers to help plant trees the morning of April 7th. We may plant as many as 50 trees that morning. The trees are only 3 feet tall, so the holes won’t be deep. If you’re interested in volunteering that morning, please contact project manager, Jim Roddy at or (816) 582-0885.

If you haven’t done so already, there is still time to claim a free tree. If you or a neighbor could use a tree along a sidewalk or side street, contact Jim as soon as possible. He will send you more information as we get closer to the date.

Free Trees for Oak Meyer Gardens

Oak Meyer Gardens is one of 4 neighborhood associations chosen to receive a total of 500 free trees to be planted near sidewalks on a Saturday in April.  You may have read about this program in a recent article in the Kansas City Star. The project, which is being managed by the Bridging the Gap’s Heartland Tree Alliance in cooperation with the City, is an effort to replace many of the trees we’ve lost near the sidewalks in our neighborhoods.

Who Qualifies for a Free Tree?
If you don’t have any trees within the city’s right of way between the curb and the sidewalk, or if you’re missing trees in that space, you can sign up to receive a free tree. To get a tree, you need to participate in the planting, and agree to water the tree until it is established. The Heartland Tree Alliance of KC will serve as a resource for any questions you have after the tree is planted.

How to Get Your Free Tree
Oak Meyer Gardens resident, Jim Roddy, has volunteered to coordinate the effort for our neighborhood by taking inventory of our missing trees. If you want a tree, please call or email Jim in the next several days ( / 816-582-0885 /816-333-4035). He will stop by to talk to you about the program for a minute, and get you signed up for your free tree.  At some point in March, the City will check your property  to confirm that you should get a tree, and to determine what type of tree would be appropriate (there won’t be any Sweet gum trees!). On a designated day in April, the trees will be made available for pickup and planting.

How to Get Involved
If you know anyone who lives within Oak Meyer Gardens (Oak to Holmes and 69th to 63rd) who might be interested in getting a tree, or in volunteering to help plant, please share this link to them and/or have them contact Jim directly (contact info below). If you want to help plant a few trees in our neighborhood that day, please him know.  The trees won’t be big, so the digging won’t be difficult. If you know boy scouts, girls scouts, or school or church groups that might volunteer in our neighborhood on the planting day in April, please let Jim know.

Project Contact, Jim Roddy:

Rockhill Greens Groundbreaking Ceremony

A groundbreaking ceremony for the Rockhill Greens development is scheduled for the morning of Wednesday, November 30th. Neighbors and community members are invited to attend. A representative from the development was scheduled to appear at the recent Oak Meyer Gardens annual meeting, but was not able to attend due to a family emergency.


Here’s some information taken from the groundbreaking event invitation:

Wednesday, November 30
6601 Rockhill Road (Parking Lot A – southeast corner)
Research Brookside Campus

Please join us as we unveil Rockhill Greens, a community that will include residential housing and commercial businesses seamlessly integrated into the existing Research Brookside Campus. The new development will promote a healthy living lifestyle and sustainable design with parks, gardens and walking trails throughout the residential and commercial campus.

• 8:30-9:30 a.m. – Light breakfast
• 9:15-9:45 a.m. – Speakers/Introductions
• 10 a.m. – Groundbreaking Ceremony


From the Rockhill Greens website:

“Rockhill Greens is an ambitious new development initiative committed to revitalizing the RMC Brookside campus, formerly the Baptist-Lutheran Medical Center, into a thriving mixed-use community including assisted living, apartments, commercial and retail uses focused on a healthy-living lifestyle.

One of the initial developments in the Rockhill Greens community will be an assisted living and memory care residential development that combines a quality list of amenities, extensive social programming, green-space and parks, and the existing RMC medical uses nearby. Our goal is to provide something close to home that also feels like home. “