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Oak Meyer Gardens is looking for committee volunteers to help improve and beautify our neighborhood. If you, or someone you know, are interested in helping, please consider signing up.
Sign up for committees Sunday, November 18 at the Annual Members Meeting. If you are unable to attend, please notify the Board regarding your interest using the “Contact” tab on this website.
Committees available for sign-up include:
Nominating Committee
  • Be the eyes and ears for interested and energetic volunteers who will be an asset to serve on the Committees and/or the Board of Directors.
  • Prepare the bios and ballots for the candidates for the election of the Board of Directors. Accept volunteers and recommend a slate of nominees to serve as Officers for the Board from those elected to serve.
Finance Committee
  • Be the first line of fiduciary responsibility for the neighborhood.
  • Assist the Treasurer in providing oversight of the budget and observe that the income and principal are used in accordance with the objectives of the Corporation.
  • Assist the Committees in acquiring bids for contractors as required for Corporation responsibilities.
  • Maintain a list of delinquent membership dues and recommend a course of action to the Board for acquiring them.
Beautification Committee
  • Be responsible for the visual symbol of the health and vitality of our neighborhood – the monuments and markers.
  • Recommend to the Board a design for plantings around the neighborhood markers.
  • Assist the Finance Committee in providing bids and recommendations for a landscaper to maintain the plantings around the monuments and markers, and coordinate with the landscaper throughout the year.
  • Recommend a multi-year plan and a budget for maintaining and/or replacing the monuments and markers in a design that is historically appropriate for the age of the neighborhood.
Social Activities and Communications Committee
  • Be the lifeblood of the health of the neighborhood by planning and communicating activities and services that help make us a strong and caring community. Among many, these include Dumpster Days, Leaf Pickup, the Summer Picnic, the Ice Cream Social, and the Annual Meeting.
  • Re-establish the Block Captain program so each street has a representative to provide feedback to and from the Board and Committees, and to make sure that all neighbors are aware of events and services.
  • Update the Oak Meyer Gardens Website and make it a one-stop source for a calendar of events and information for the neighborhood.
  • Recommend and plan other means of communication that promote or better our neighborhood, such as a quarterly newsletter, new neighbor welcome baskets, communication banners or light pole banners.


On August 19th, the Members voted unanimously to approve  a new set of Bylaws.  This is the first time the Bylaws have been updated since 1927, when Nichols Investment Company established the neighborhood. We hope that, as well as providing better guidance for the Board, these Bylaws will make it easier for all Members to participate.  Thank you to all who participated.

OMG 2018 Amended Bylaws

2nd Annual Ice Cream Social

Oak Meyer Garden’s Second Annual Ice Cream Social will take place Sunday, August 19th from 4:00 to 6:00 pm.   There is a NEW LOCATION.  Academie Lafayette has graciously allowed us to use their parking lot/play ground in the back of their facility at 69th and Oak Street. Betty Rae’s Ice Cream Truck will be there serving all the free, delicious ice cream you can eat – until it is gone.

This year we are combining the Social with an important, historical event for our Members. We will be voting on the proposed new Bylaws as well. A link to the Bylaws document may be found at the post below, so please take some time to review them before you come. The vote will be by written ballot, so you may vote at any time during the event.

Please stop by, take a moment to vote, and enjoy some ice cream with your neighbors.