Dumpster Day – May 11th

WHO: Oak Meyer Gardens residents. Please bring your ID.
WHEN: Saturday May 11, 2019 from 8 AM – 11 AM.
WHERE: Research Hospital – Brookside Campus. 6675 Holmes Rd. Dumpsters will be placed in the Southwest Corner of the parking lot of the hospital nearest to Holmes Rd and the University Academy building. (See Map below)
WHAT: We will have 2 trash dumpsters and 1 yard waste dumpster.
We will also have a giveaway area for free items in good shape.

Leaf and brush guidelines:
• Only leaves and brush are allowed in the dumpster.
• Yard debris must be in a paper lawn bag or a cardboard box.
• Tree limbs can be up to 10″ in diameter and 6′ in length.
• Please do not place plastic bags or trash in the dumpster. The State of Missouri does not allow leaves and brush in the landfill.

Trash dumpster guidelines:
• Dumpsters are for common household trash only.
• Please do not place leaves and brush, tires, household hazardous waste or appliances in the dumpster.

*No hazardous waste will be accepted. This means no old paint cans, paint thinner, batteries, old gasoline, chemicals, etc. Important Stipulations:
If you have household hazardous waste that needs to be disposed, please visit recyclespot.org to learn more about where and when to dispose it.

We’d like to thank Research Medical Center for allowing us the use of their parking lot for our Dumpster Day.