Board Meeting Minutes, August 2013

Oak Meyer Gardens Neighborhood Association Board Meeting

August 20, 2013

Clayton Snodgrass, Christina Wright, Jeremy Hegle, Aaron Wright, Bill Blanck, Patty Feuerborn


  1. Financial Review—Jeremy submitted the financial statements and the board members discussed.


  1. Jeremy pointed out that the fiscal year ends September 30.  Members are considering whether to add another dumpster day for fall.


  1. Academie Lafayette Parking Sign Update—the city has installed a “no parking, 7-9 a.m. and 3-5 p.m. M-F” sign on 69th Street.  This is in effect between Cherry and Oak on the north side.


  1. The Annual Meeting Plan—meeting is set for November 10.  Christina has reserved the Legacy Center (lower level) at St. Peter’s.  It was decided on Waldo pizza again, along with other side items because the expense is significantly less than previous vendors. Board members are considering topics for the annual meeting and whether to bring in a speaker this year.  A facilitated and guided discussion of residents’ concerns may be the program.


  1. Island Maintenance/Shrub Planting Update—Clayton mentioned that the landscape company is installing the new shrubbery (boxwoods) in September.


  1. Flea Market —one business owner and residents have wondered about the open-air market that had been going on just east of Oak on 63rd.  Clayton has called the city (311) and officials are checking into it.  He will provide an update in September.


  1. Newsletter—the second issue of “The Acorn” arrived in mailboxes on August 19.  Kudos to Jon and Sean for such excellent work, and thanks to Clayton for the two ads in the Acorn purchased by business owners in the neighborhood.