Board Meeting Minutes, July 2013

Meeting Date: July 16, 2013
In attendance: Clayton Snodgrass, Christina Wright, Aaron Wright, Bill Blanck, Patty Feuerborn
1) Financial Review—Jeremy submitted the financial statements to Clayton because Jeremy was on vacation.  Clayton sent to all board members.
 2) AT&T Box, 622 E 65 box blocks his view of traffic as he is backing out of his driveway on to Holmes.  The owner has hired an attorney to represent him.  Because the box is the property of AT&T and is in the utility right-of-way, the owner and his attorney will work with the city and AT&T for resolution. Clayton mentioned that a similar situation happened in Armour Hills before the box went in. He offered to contact the city as well to see if he could get information. Board members discussed inviting John Sharp, our city councilman, to a meeting in the future.
 3) Fall Events—the annual meeting will happen on November 10.  Christina will check with St. Peter’s to reserve a meeting room.  Members discussed the possibility of another fall event at Holmes Park but have not picked a date.
 4) Newsletter Topic Review—Clayton mentioned that Jon Goodman is working on the next issue and has also sold two ads to defray costs.  Small business owners who live in or near the neighborhood bought the ads.
 5) Island Maintenance Update—Clayton mentioned that the landscape company is maintaining and watering the islands, and is installing the new shrubbery in the fall.  He mentioned that is the appropriate time for installation.