O)MG Board Meeting Minutes, April 16, 2013

Attendees – Clayton Snodgrass, Bill Blank, Christina Wright

Financial Review – There isn’t much to discuss.  The admin fee was paid (?), annual insurance for officers  and HOA ($865) is up for renewal, Clayton will sign and return ASAP.


Academy Lafayette – (This was noted in the newsletter).  Clayton, John (the newsletter editor), Jill (our AL liaison), a traffic liaison, officer, AC communications person and principal wre present at a meeting regarding traffic. The new street rules for 69th Street between Oak and Cherry will be; No Parking 7-9, 3-5 on the North side and No Parking except for busses on the South side.


Garage Sale – May 18 – Clayton will hang banners the week prior. No other preparation needed.


Dumpster Day – June 1, 9-12 –  Aaron says that the dumpsters are ordered, he has talked to the electronics people but it’s not likely that they will be there since they aren’t returning calls. Aaron will request a check from Jeremy.  Clayton and Bill will bring trucks for hazardous waste removal (that will end once the trucks are full).


Open Board Meeting Plan – May 21 – We have a reservation for the St Peters Legacy Center basement. There will be NO food but Christina and Clayton will both bring large jugs of water , Christina will bring cups, and Clayton will bring coffee and prepare an agenda for the meeting.


Summer Social –  June 9 – Christina hasn’t gotten much done at this point but is on top of it.  We will be on Cherry Street between 66th and either 65th Terrace or 65th Street (depending on what approval we can get).  We will order BBQ from The Stack and have residents bring sides, pot-luck sytle.  We are hoping that Jeremy will resume his position as game master this year. (Jeremy?)

We will attempt to procure the Google Fiber ice cream truck again this year, which Clayton thought would be likely since they are getting closer to implementation.


Island Maintenance – Lance is behind but Clayton has checked around and other landscapers are behind as well due to the weather we’ve had.  Lance plans to start replacement of the bushes in around ten days and has repaired the lion monument at 65th Terrace and Oak, the city should send a check to reimburse us for that cost.