Board Meeting Minutes, January 2013

Oak-Meyer Gardens Board Meeting Minutes
January 15, 2013
Meeting convened at 8:15 p.m.
Present: Clayton Snodgrass, Jeremy Hegle, Christina 
Wright, Patty Feuerborn, Bill Blanck, and Aaron Wright
Agenda items:
1. Objectives for 2013:
a. Monument repair
b. Structured and documented meetings
c. Survey of members
d. Increased involvement in events
2. Events and proposed groups:
a. Summer party in June
b. Dumpster day
c. Garden tour
d. Running/walking group
e. Home brew club
f. Fall hot dog roast
g. Annual meeting in November
h. Adult kickball team
3. Shrub maintenance
Clayton will look into contacting Ryan Lawn and Tree about moving forward with assessment and planting.
4. Financial review
Jeremy has been reviewing the financials since he started on the board last April. He will give a report in February. He may change banks to get a better interest rate.
5. Academie Lafayette
An article in The Kansas City Star (January 12, 2013) discussed the expansion and the neighbors’ opposition to it. Clayton will set up a time to see and hear neighbors’ concerns (primary people who live on Oak Terrace).
6. Thank you:
We will send a thank-you letter to St. Peter, thanking the parish for use of the
parish parking lot on dumpster day, space for our annual meeting and tables and
chairs for several events. Patty will write the letter.
Meeting adjourned at 9:30 p.m.