Google Fiber Is On the Way to Oak Meyer Gardens

Less than 24 hours after Google officially announced the rollout plan for their Google Fiber product, Oak Meyer Gardens residents have submitted enough pre-registrations to guarantee that fiber will be installed in the neighborhood. Details about the Google Fiber product, which touts internet speeds up to 100 times faster than broadband, are available on the Google Fiber website. The service also offers hdtv service with over 150 channels.

Google says they will be installing the service on a neighborhood by neighborhood basis, and neighborhoods with the most pre-registrations will be at the front of the line. Although Oak Meyer Gardens has already reached the minimum number of pre-registrations to guarantee installation, the more OMG residents who sign up, the sooner the service will be installed. To pre-register, and to see where OMG ranks among other neighborhoods in KC, visit the Google Fiber website.