Neighborhood Meeting Regarding Academie Lafayette Building Expansion

Our neighbors to the south, the Academie Lafayette school located at 69th and Oak, are in the preliminary stages of planning a building expansion. For those of you with questions or concerns about the planned building expansion, a meeting has been arranged beteween neighbors of the school, the school’s project manager, and the contracted architect. The meeting is 6pm Thursday, June 21st at Academie Lafayette. We will gather at the picnic tables outside on the east side of the school under the white canopies. Neighbors located on the south side of the school will also be invited. You are invited to attend to learn more about the project, and to voice any questions or concerns. Please help spread the word to neighbors who may not see this post.

2 thoughts on “Neighborhood Meeting Regarding Academie Lafayette Building Expansion

  1. This is a great opportunity for our OMG community to hear about Academie Lafayette’s expansion plans. Academie Lafayette is a high performing charter school that our neighborhood hosts for Kansas City. I hope our community embraces this honor. A year ago I worried Academie Lafayette’s growth would require the school to move to another location thus leave us with an empty building. I am glad this did not happen. The plan to expand their building on Oak is an investment in our community that we can all be involved in. If you would like to contribute to this investment and leave your mark on our community visit for more information.

  2. I here they are planning to expand school, is their anyway the school and neighborhood association agree on putting speed bumps on Cherry.
    Traffic flow is to heavy for residental area, the speed bumps would detour cars to Oak Street. Put speed bumps from Gregory Blvd./Cherry to the back of school;

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