Free Trees for Oak Meyer Gardens

Oak Meyer Gardens is one of 4 neighborhood associations chosen to receive a total of 500 free trees to be planted near sidewalks on a Saturday in April.  You may have read about this program in a recent article in the Kansas City Star. The project, which is being managed by the Bridging the Gap’s Heartland Tree Alliance in cooperation with the City, is an effort to replace many of the trees we’ve lost near the sidewalks in our neighborhoods.

Who Qualifies for a Free Tree?
If you don’t have any trees within the city’s right of way between the curb and the sidewalk, or if you’re missing trees in that space, you can sign up to receive a free tree. To get a tree, you need to participate in the planting, and agree to water the tree until it is established. The Heartland Tree Alliance of KC will serve as a resource for any questions you have after the tree is planted.

How to Get Your Free Tree
Oak Meyer Gardens resident, Jim Roddy, has volunteered to coordinate the effort for our neighborhood by taking inventory of our missing trees. If you want a tree, please call or email Jim in the next several days ( / 816-582-0885 /816-333-4035). He will stop by to talk to you about the program for a minute, and get you signed up for your free tree.  At some point in March, the City will check your property  to confirm that you should get a tree, and to determine what type of tree would be appropriate (there won’t be any Sweet gum trees!). On a designated day in April, the trees will be made available for pickup and planting.

How to Get Involved
If you know anyone who lives within Oak Meyer Gardens (Oak to Holmes and 69th to 63rd) who might be interested in getting a tree, or in volunteering to help plant, please share this link to them and/or have them contact Jim directly (contact info below). If you want to help plant a few trees in our neighborhood that day, please him know.  The trees won’t be big, so the digging won’t be difficult. If you know boy scouts, girls scouts, or school or church groups that might volunteer in our neighborhood on the planting day in April, please let Jim know.

Project Contact, Jim Roddy: