Re-opening Hale Cook Elementary as a Neighborhood School

Kansas City Missouri School District Vice President, Derek Richey, is circulating an email and community vision document in support of re-opening Hale Cook Elementary (73rd & Pennsylvania) as a neighborhood school. A copy of the email is posted below, and a draft of the Community Vision document is available here.
Please take a few minutes to read the email and vision document, and send your feedback to Derek Richey at
Also, feel free to post your thoughts in the comments section of this post.
Over the past few months I’ve been faciliating a conversation about re-opening Hale Cook Elementary School (73rd & Pennsylvania). This conversation has occurred with neighbors, with the school district and between neighbors and the school district. The crux of the conversation has been defining what it would take to reopen Hale Cook as a true neighborhood school — a vision firmly help by both the neighbors and Dr. Covington.
The answer is (a) the district supporting the community’s vision [a good draft attached] and working in partnership to achieve/maintain it and (b) ~300 elementary aged kids. I’ll collate any feedback you have on the vision; but the community needs your help on (b), spreading the word. By February 2011, we need to identify 300 children and their families to enroll in Hale Cook. This will enable the district to hire a high quality principal and teachers and to prepare the school for re-opening. The proposed enrollment boundaries are State Line to Holmes and Ward Pkwy/Brush Creek to 75th Street — basically South Plaza, Brookside and the north part of Waldo.
We’re asking you to identify your interest as a potential parent or interested community member and then forward this message to your contacts (e.g., homes associate list serv/newletter, neighbors, friends, etc.). This has been a neighborhood driven process thus far and I expect that a core group of interested, motivated parents will emerge to drive it forward. Together we can reinstate a true neighborhood school model in our own backyard.
Warmest Regards,
Derek Richey
KCMSD Board of Education, Vice President

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